About Me

Hi! My name is Mossy, and this site is a representation of what I imagine my brain would look like if it were a site. This webpage is solely for me to experiment with coding and have a place to call my own. If you don't like anything....you can let me know at mossalia159@gmail.com - but in the end, it's my website :)

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  • Name: Mossy
  • Pronouns: They/Them
  • Status: Loved And Cared For!
  • Signs: Pisces ☼ / Leo ☾ / Gemini ↑
  • General Likes: creativity, culture, gaming, witchiness, nature
  • Special Interests mermaids, alice in wonderland, aesthetics, strawberries, cats, dreams
  • Dislikes: bananas, people who don't mind their business, wasps, boys

Current Projects

Right now I am:

  • Sleeping
  • Making my site the best it can be!
  • Practicing rhythm games
  • Saving up for a steam deck
  • Lovin' on my cat

My Digital Footprint

I spent my early online years playing flash games on kongregate, miniclip, and of course, girlsgogames. My first online experience would probably be platform racing 2 by Jiggmin. After a few years I got a dsi and really started to bud on dsipaint and flipnote studio hatena. I really loved doing the animations on flipnote, and dsipaint had html coding in the profiles so I started to get an interest in coding from there!

Once I hit my teens I started to explore the rest of the web. Deviantart...Tumblr....mspaintadventures.com....I was on them all...As cringe as these sites are, they really taught me a lot about myself and who I really am. I started identifying as non-binary around this time. When I first heard the term I didn't even question it. Not the 2 binary genders? yeah. That's me. I haven't swerved since. In my spare time during these times I would mainly roleplay on various sites and harass the local folk on gmod. A true horror in the making!

After I toned down a little bit I started really getting into what I'm into now - cool gaming stuff /s. Specifically speedrunning and 100%ing. There's something about breaking a game to its bare bones and absolutely demolishing its code that gets me excited. Yes, I watched the 6 hour video on the B button challenge. You know what else is interesting? The internet! wooooooooo! How its shaped and formed over the past however so years is fascinating to me.

Anyway, I'm not much of a content creator. I've always thought about streaming, or making videos, and all those good money making dreams you see online but in the end, I don't want to. I'm more of a consumer or a lurker. You can consider this website my first real contribution of content for the internet. I plan on posting anything at all I think is interesting and worth a look at. It's hard to find stuff nowadays because of ai BUT I will prevail.

In the end...I'm just a lil goofster. We won't get along if you take things too seriously. Life is but one life, I aint stressed about it :)

Favorite Things ♥

  • Games: Simulators, Jrpgs, Rhythm Games, Puzzles
  • Books: "Strandia" by Susan Lynn Reynolds, "Enders Game" by Orson Scott Card, "I'm Glad My Mom Died" by Jennette McCurdy, "The Demonata Series" by Darren Shan
  • Films: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, Primer, Mr. Nobody, American Ultra
  • TV: Skins, Breaking Bad, The Good Place, Love Is Blind
  • Hobbies: Knitting, Coding, Diamond Painting, Drawing, Gossiping
  • Colors: Grass Green, Light Pink, Smokey Gray, Cream
  • Foods: Sushi, Chips & Dip, Cashews, Rice, Nachos
  • Drinks: Iced Caramel Latte With Oat Milk, Redbull, Matcha, Water
  • Scents: Coconut, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Rose, Jasmine
  • Music: Check out my personal music playlist here!

Where Else Am I?

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Discord = mossy.org - I DO NOT accept random requests! I must know you, or the initial message must clue me in enough to accept it.

NFC = SW-1980-4775-3793